Finding the Best Qualified Educators

Finding the Best Qualified Educators

Bridget Russell, Human Resource Manager 

Small Wonders has 5 locations in the area and currently have almost 50 employees on staff as of Feb 2019.  Our Human Resource Manager works on the entire hiring and training aspect of our business.  She screens applicant resumes, calls candidates for initial phone interviews, conducts in-person interviews, completes the new hire onboarding paperwork and first-day orientation, along with so much more.  She acts as a positive impact on all employees that offers support and coaches “in the moment” to benefit the teacher and children. 

If someone is interested in working at Small Wonders, the best way to apply to any position is through our website.  The candidate can select the position desired and upload their cover letter and resume.  The info is sent directly to our Human Resource Manager.  A few things the Human Resource Manager looks for when screening applicants are that the candidate has graduated from high school or has any early childhood education background experience.  She is also reviewing the cover letter to see if it expresses the candidate’s passion for children and working with the community.  Someone that personalizes their cover letter and explains why they would be a great candidate for our company will indefinitely be called for an interview.  Working with children is a fun and rewarding career but it’s not always easy.  A candidate with experience working in a fast-paced environment, building relationships with families, and multitasking are just a few skills we look for.

Some people do not realize the impact we as teachers have on the children and families we serve.  At Small Wonders, we do not babysit.  We have an educated and trained staff that meets the needs of your children every day and beyond.  Child care staff members have a lot on their plate, which is why at Small Wonders, we pay our staff members at a higher rate than most centers in the area and have many employee perks.  We offer our staff paid holidays, 401K, TEACH Scholarship, childcare discount, flexible schedule, yearly employee raises, direct deposit, paid training hours, staff appreciation events, and accrued sick time to take personal time or vacations.  Our staff goal is to support one another, offer a helping hand, and motivate each other when times get tough.  We treat each other with respect, act likefamily, and are always willing to bend over backward  for each other. 

Small Wonders is always hiring!  The type of educators we desire are those that are professional, committed, compassionate & nurturing.  We understand that children need to be in a safe and comfortable environment all the time.  Our educators are dedicated to building a trusting foundation for all children and families we serve.  If you know someone who is interested in a position in childcare and willing to work hard with all ages of children, they are the perfect person for Small Wonders.

All applicants can apply to or email your cover letter and resume to